Consultation Details

In July 2015, a business case for the proposed WLMB (Justification Statement) was published for consultationwith a deadline of 28th August 2015 for responses.  Copies of the documents are below including a copy of the Consultation Report together with a summary of the outcome of the consultation:

Paper copies of all these documents are available on request from the NFU Regional Office on 01695 554900.


  • There was a mixed response to the proposed Water Level Management Board from the agricultural land occupiers/landowners that voted. Ballot papers were returned covering just over 65% of the agricultural land within the proposed drainage district. Of those that returned ballot papers, around 50% of the numbers that voted, covering just over 55% of the area that voted were in favour of the proposed Board.
  • There was significant opposition to the proposals from certain areas particularly on the Eastern and North Eastern side of the proposed drainage district. Conversely, ballot papers were received from farmers outside the proposed drainage district from the Black Dub watercourse requesting that their area be included.
  • In general, the occupiers of agricultural land within the pumped catchment areas or those whose watercourses were further inland and therefore reliant on a number of other agricultural land occupiers to maintain their drains were more likely to vote in favour of the proposed Board. Those farmers closer to the sea, or whose land was free draining because of soil type, situation or height above sea level, were more likely to be opposed to the proposals.
  •  Of the 12 Parish Councils that responded to the consultation, 10 were in favour of the proposed Board, one was in favour in principle but commented that the boundary should exclude the area within Bowness Parish north of the Wampool and one Parish Council was unable to vote either in favour or against due to divided local opinion.
  • Two responses were received from householders both in favour of the proposals.
  • Responses were received from five stakeholder organisations with concerns raised by those stakeholders with an environmental interest about the proposed operation of the Water Level Management Board and its aims and objectives.

The timing for a future public consultation on revised proposals for a WLMB will be dependent on the drafting of new legislation to amend the 1991 Land Drainage Act in respect of the methodology for calculating how to apportion costs between Drainage Rate payers and the Local Authority.  The Environment Agency has extended its notice period for withdrawing from the pumping stations until the end of October 2018 to allow time for this new methodology to be drafted and further consultation to take place.

The Environment Agency announced in September 2017 that it intends to continue funding the operation of pumping stations in the Waver Wampool and Lyth Valley until communities have all options for an alternative solution open to them for consideration. In the Waver Wampool, this will require funding to be provided beyond the existing notice period of the end of October 2018.


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