Boundary Map

For the 2015 consultation, the boundary for the proposed Water Level Management Board was based on the low lying areas within Flood Zone 2 (the 1 in 100 year undefended flood outline) and the area of land that directly or indirectly benefits from land drainage operations. This was refined to exclude areas that would not benefit from the Board because the Environment Agency would retain responsibility for maintaining the watercourses draining these areas as part of its ongoing role in reducing flood risk to people and property.

The marshland on the northern boundary of the proposed IDB (Skinburness and Newton Marsh) will not directly benefit from a Board’s activities, but the area was included as works may be required in this area as part of a Board’s responsibilities.  It was proposed that the marshland be excluded from the area on which land occupiers are asked to pay drainage rates.

Following responses to the consultation, the Environment Agency will be reviewing the proposed boundary prior to any future consultation on establishing a Board.

To view the 2015 boundary map, please click on the following link Figure D2 – Waver Wampool proposed WLMB.

To view a map with the watercourses individually numbered please click on the following link:- Figure D3 – WW IDB maintenance programme


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