Waver Wampool Water Level Management Board Proposals

This website has been set up to provide information to the community about the development of a proposed Water Level Management Board for the Waver Wampool area.  Following Defra guidance prioritising the reduction of flood risk to people and properties, the Environment Agency is withdrawing from the operation of four land drainage pumping stations in the Waver Wampool and funding for channel maintenance has also been reduced. One option for managing water levels and maintaining drainage channels and infrastructure in the future is to establish a Water Level Management Board – a new local public authority with powers to manage water levels on your behalf.

Please see the latest news section https://waverwampoolwlmg.wordpress.com/latest-news-2/ for information about the Environment Agency’s recent announcement that it intends to continue funding the operation the land drainage pumping stations until communities have all options for an alternative solution open to them for consideration. In the Waver Wampool, this will require funding to be provided beyond the existing notice period of the end of October 2018.  With any questions about this announcement, please contact Dale Gibbons at the Environment Agency on Tel: 0203 0255729 or email Dale.Gibbons@environment-agency.gov.uk

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